Tour of London No Jersey

Anyone else not receive the tour of London jersey?

I got the email to say I completed all stages and would get the Jersey on the 23rd, but checking in my account it is not there.

I got a separate email this morning saying the jersey had been delivered. Other posts saying there’s about 10000 people who completed it and it’ll take a bit of time to sort.

Not checked my garage yet!

Just checked my garage and shirt was there!! =)

Support replied and said I would have it by the 31st! it would have been helpful if the email did not say that it would be there on the 23rd!

I haven’t received it either. Got all 5 emails when I completed the stages and the one that said I would get the kit on the 23rd but no jersey in my garage yet…

Finally got my jersey :grinning: It was in the middle of the others, not at the top.

Same here, nothing.

same here nothing, I asked the support by mail, the answer was hopefully I get it til 31th dec. :frowning:

My Jersey was today in my garage but without new badge or similar message.

I checked my garage right now and it was in, but without any message. Earlier today it was not in…

Hey everyone - as noted by @Sylvie_Moise the Tour of London jersey appears in the middle of the list of jerseys, not at the top. Please scroll through the list to see if you got yours.