Unlocked Kit Not In Garage

Have to figure this isn’t just an issue for me, but I did a search, and couldn’t find an existing ticket. Did the “Levi’s Gran Fondo” event earlier today and received the “splash page” at the end informing me I’d unlocked the “Specialized Mix Tape 2019” kit; however, I’ve paged through my garage three times and cannot find it there. (Tried logging out and looking again to no avail.) Any assistance from Support greatly appreciated.

I’m in a similar boat. However, my Zwift crashed during the first 10km and I had to rejoin the ride.

Sent in a support ticket, hope this can get resolved.

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@Jay_Lansiquot, thanks for the confirmation. I figured I wasn’t the only one.

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Have you received a reply from support @Tony_Brake?

@Jay_Lansiquot, this forum post is the means of contacting Support so, no, I haven’t received a reply. I’m giving it at least a couple more days. Someone else posted a comment in the “Levi’s GranFondo” Zwift club indicating they didn’t get the kit, either. Response there from one of the admins was, to those not riding either the Tuesday or Saturday club event this week, who don’t have it by the end of the upcoming weekend, to let them know via the club, and they’ll reach out to Zwift next Monday. Not sure that their line to Support is any more “direct” than the average Zwifter’s, though.

the forum is not an official way of contacting support, 99.99% of the people on the forums are just Zwifters like yourself.

@Mike_Rowe1, thanks for correcting my misunderstanding. Seems Zwift could do a better job of calling that out, but I think I now have a “ticket” open with Support through the “Contact Us” link. Sorry for my misunderstanding, @Jay_Lansiquot. I’ll post here if/when the issue is resolved for me. I noted with Zwift that it’s impacting multiple users so, hopefully, once it’s resolved for one of us, it will be resolved for all.

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Got a helpful response from Zwift Support @Tony_Brake

Regarding the missing jersey from the Fondo event, that jersey is an older kit that was created for a women’s cycling campaign some years back. We discovered after the fact that it has a gender restriction on it, so it is not possible to unlock it for men’s accounts. We have a ticket in with our game dev team to remove this restriction, which should happen in a couple of weeks. You should see the jersey in your garage at that time, but if not, we can reprocess the request. The fix is scheduled to go out in game release 1.57.

Follow up email to confirm.

The Specialized Mix-Tape kit is the one with a gender restriction on it. It was originally designed as part of a women’s campaign, and I did not know when I agreed to use it for this event that it was gender restricted. Once that rule has been removed you will have the kit.


Sweet. Just “unlocked” it to encounter the same issue. Glad to hear there is already a solution in the works. Thanks fellas!

Thanks, @Jay_Lansiquot! I have yet to hear directly from Zwift Support, but a similar response was posted by one of the admins of the “Levi’s GranFondo” Zwift club a short while ago.

Any ideas why I didn’t receive the Specialized Mixtape jersey after completing the event and seeing the orange announcement banner in game saying I unlocked the kit? I checked for jerseys in my garage next day after saving the ride and logging out the night before. Sometimes a new kit shows up at the beginning of the next ride but still nothing after a day.

I had this same problem and support unlocked a different Specialized kit in my garage. I haven’t followed up with support again since. I’m glad to know that this is being evaluated by Zwift. The kit has two of my favourite colours and I really want to have it. I’m currently Squirrel Wolf and I would lose the wolf for this kit.

I’ve been off of the bike on travel for the last week. I hope this one is also fixed in 1.57.

Anything fuchsia is fire!

This was addressed for me in the latest version, which I updated to (on macOS) just now. Hopefully, others who experienced this issue will find the same once they take this week’s update.