British Cycling team kit not in Garage (but should be)

I’m current British Cycling (BC) gold with race licence member and paid Zwift membership.
According to BC membership allows a Zwift team kit
Instructions are log out of zwift dot com and follow the BC website link, Its for new accounts AND existing like me it says follow link and sign in.
I have done this several times and the team kit is meant to appear in the garage - I have also logged out via change user on the software and log back in.
Zwift Software version 1.17.1 (81847)
Would anyone have any ideas?
Thank you for any assistance
Enjoy your ride

I’m having the same issue. Did you ever find a fix? I’ve tried using different browsers, different devices and left for a few days to allow syncing/updates but no luck. Any advice gratefully received.

Sorry - I was unable to get this to work. and as you have seen no one else could help. If you do get this to work please give me a nudge with how to…Thank you, Stay and ride safe, Andy.

Seems like you need to link your accounts, then wait a few days. If nothing happens, contact Zwift Support. British Cycling Promo Jersey Not working for me

Thanks, that’s helpful to (a) know that we’re not the only ones and (b) see that in my case it may just be a matter of time. 4 months on from the original post here suggests that there may be other issues.

The Zwift support team were helpful for another issue that I had, but I’ve only just resolved that and thought that I’d try to sort this for myself. If you haven’t had any luck then they may be worth a go.

Hi, I confirm the Zwift support team have been excellent when ever I have asked them, and like you I really thought I should / could solve this one myself!