British Cycling Promo Jersey Not working for me


As per subject , I am British Cycling member and followed instructions to redeem jersey under recent collaboration.

Made sure I was logged out of swift in browser / closed it down. Followed link and I see the the British cycling logo and login to Swift on web and I just get normal default page - is all my recent rides.

Go into Swift app on Android, PC, Apple TV - no jersey

Left overnight and issue persists


Yes get exactly the same. I don’t think this is working at present.

Yep - same for me. I’ve emailed British Cycling but have had no response yet.

Similar experience for me too

Same for me…

I’ve also had the same experience. Log out, follow the link and you get to a page with this form on it:


But as an existing member we don’t need to create an account. So then we click the “Back to login” link:


I guess what happens then is that the link no longer carries the relevant affiliate information or something on it, so the association is broken. I don’t know, that’s just a guess. A cookie might have already been set - I haven’t investigated that deeply.

I do know that I also didn’t get a jersey. :frowning:

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The BC page says to contact Zwift support for problems.

Another possibility is that this isn’t entirely automated and there has to be some validation between Zwift and BC to check that people claiming the jersey are actually BC members.

Hi Add me to the list. Im assuming the link isn’t active yet?

Me too, emailed support. They said it could take upto a week to be verified.

So - I emailed support and they have confirmed that my Zwift and British Cycling accounts are linked.

I used the same method as Daren above - “Back to login” link and then enter your details.

We just have to wait for a week or so for the kit to go live.

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Thx Will. that’s exactly what I already did , but there is no indication that the accounts got linked , or that there is a week delay. sigh.

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Called it! They could make that clearer though. It’s obvious that many of us think it’s not working…

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Morning all . I got an email from Zwift today at 4:09am, saying I am registered and should expect jersey in “next few days” . Note I hadn’t raised a support ticket.


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This seems to be sorted now, I have the email and the jersey. Thanks Zwift and BC! The partnership is a really good idea.

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Also received the confirmation email :+1:t2:

Got mine too :slight_smile: Jersey there too now,

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Yep - kit now available for me in Zwift

Yeah, I got the email yesterday. Still haven’t got the jersey (but I only checked on the Android app).

Im getting this problem, but I: only signed up in Jan. Current BCF member signed up & got confirmation email, but still no BCF workouts of new jersey after about a week…

One thing I realised was that you get no notification of a new jersey. At least, I didn’t. But if you go to the list and scroll to the end (right side), it might be there.