Missing Cape Epic Jersey

Sooo… I was super excited to see that the Cape Epic workouts have returned to Zwift. I was even more excited to see that once you complete a workout, you receive a Cape Epic themed jersey.

I rode and completed the first scheduled group workout yesterday afternoon. Upon completion, I was expecting to see a new kit in my garage. However, this was not the case.

Does anyone have any idea what might have happened to prevent the new jersey from arriving?

Thanks in advance!

Sometimes there’s a delay in getting kit in your garage. You said you just completed the workout so I’d say give it 24 hours. If it’s still not there you can send an email to zwift support and it may be possible they can manually credit it to you after verifying the entire workout was completed.

Great… Thank you so much!

Hi J’son. The same happened to me. Can you let me know of the kit appeared in your garage?

Sometimes when Zwift does these large events you have to wait until it is all finished before they push the award out to all the people who completed it, which would mean waiting until March 13th. That could be the case here.

The Zwift description says the jersey will be in your closet by Feb. 14th.
Sorry, but you are going to have to wait.

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There’s probably an update scheduled for Feb 14th when the jersey will be uploaded. Nobody in the ride had the jersey. But, it is coming as long as you completed the event :slight_smile:

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Want to confirm that the Cape Epic jersey will be issued next week. There are still some pending events that have yet to happen, and we’ll be sending jerseys out to everyone en masse after all events have concluded.

You don’t have to do anything (other than completing the event). It will show up in your garage

Still not recieved my jersey and we’re 4 rides down. Anyone else got the same issue or any ideas?

If you read above you will find it comes with the next update.
Was there a new update this morning?

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Fair point
Think I misread the dates above in my bleary eyed state this morning :+1:

Have you all seen the jersey in your garage yet? I waited til today, Feb 14th before asking. Mine is still not in my garage but I did see it on my avatar towards the end of the ride for the Epic Workout 1. It then dissappeared on my next session and not in garage.

The Cape Epic jersey also isn’t in my garage on Feb. 16th 10am CET :thinking:

Missing the UI update we were suppose to get on valentines day.
Zoon, Zoon, Zoon.
Tokyo…not too Zoon
Switzerland …September Zoon
Belgium… 2021 Zoon

Ok… I’m now just super sad. Where is my awesome jersey. All my jerseys are worn out and starting to stink. Fresh new jersey please!

Me too. I have no jersey

Mine showed up finally. 120 now. Time for a garage sale. I have a few extra bikes too, like a Bollide with pretty low mileage and a pair of 800 wheels.

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I dont get it … march 9
Where is my kit ?

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I got an email saying my kit would be in my garage but it isn’t there. I emailed support but haven’t heard back yet.

Mine doesn’t appear