Missing Haute Route 3-day Jersey

Hi there.
After an amazing Stage 3 ride, the Jersey was not awarded :frowning:
I looked at some other activities where the same happend, as well as some where the jersey was awarded.
I did get the Completion-Email with the link to the HR Shop. Any chance to credit the kit afterwards, or do I have to ride it once more ( might be a 12 hour ride since there is nothing left in the legs)


Did you complete all 3 stages? I would give it some time for Zwift to push out all the awards, lots of people doing the Haute Route could lag the system down. Also, have you logged back in after completing it, most of the time that is when your new kit will arrive.

I did ride alle stages, but the 1st one was a big mess with not syncing correctly. I did get the completion email on stage 1, but not the correct activity status inside Zwift as 4km seems missing, just as with many people on day one.
I also did log in again, that’s when I started wondering. Maybe it happens because when passing the finish line I also got the Parlee Kit, so I rode on to finish the 100k to be sure that all activity-data from the Route is on the servers.

Will check again tomorrow, may be time for a nap now :wink:

Did not receive mine either. Completed all three stages without any issues and they were properly uploaded to the servers. I received the completion email, nevertheless the kit has yet to be seen.

Even logging in afterwards did not unlock it. I’ll probably open a ticket by tomorrow if it does not appear.

Same for me
Have Dropped an email to support team

Hi @Guido_Ilse @Giorgio_Saracco ,
I didn’t receive the jersey either but the reason is that I got it previously after a Haute Route workout.
You might be in the same situation, maybe the jersey is already in your garage?

I do have the one of the workouts, but they are different kits.

One goes by the name of “Haute Route kit” (workout one) while the other of “Haute Route 2020 3-day kit”.


I don’t think so.
My son did HR #3 only and received the jersey.
It looks the same as the one I got from the workout.
If you receive another kit from Zwift, please let me know.

I really hope it isn’t the same jersey, it would be nice to have some type of recognition of the 3 days instead of the same thing as a one hour workout.

Exactly the same for me: received an haute route jersey after doing one of their workouts, but didn’t receive any new “finishers kit”. This might explain it indeed, although I agree it’s a pity if these 2 jerseys would be the same…

@Steven_Beaufrere Did you get a response?

@Will_Johnson, not yet … Will chase them :slight_smile:

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I don’t get mine too… i wrote to the support twice… I WANT MY SHIRT!! :slight_smile:

I actually got my kit for completing the 3 day event last weekend. However today it has disappeared from my garage any ideas how I can get the kit back ?

Same here completed all three stages without a hitch and even received an email regarding its completion but didn’t get the kit after the race or after logging on again this morning.

Tagging on, also didn’t get kit nor an email but completed all three. Zwift power results are up but was DQ’d for the stages 1&2 because I was apparently too fast for Cat C

ZP categories are (for most races) based on you W/kg and raw Watts, not speed. You should always enter proper category, 3.43 W/kg average is B.

Yeah yeah that’s what I meant, been smashing zwift since December and from this stage race my w/kg has just tipped over cat C