Chasing Cancellara TT but no jersey award /(

Hi everyone

Sorry to ask but has everyone got there jersey from completing the chasing Cancellara TT from this morning ?

I did my ride and results are showing on campion and zwift power but no jersey :frowning:

I know it’s quite petty but busted a gut on this ride and was looking forward to receiving it :slight_smile:

Have you logged in again after saving your ride?

Often jerseys become available like this.

Thank you for the reply Stuart .

Yep tried that but alas no joy :frowning:


I’ve tried to look at your activity to ensure it completed correctly but your privacy settings prevent this.

Oh thanks for your help Stuart how do I change the settings ?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

It’s ok I think I have just changed it :slight_smile:

Well you completed it.

You also completed it on the 2nd Feb. Neither look to have awarded you the jersey.

Is it already in your wardrobe? I seem to think this jersey was available last year.

Only been on zwift a month and the prize :slight_smile: was for today’s event .

Oh well guess it’s gone pear shaped and will have to do the other TT tomorrow :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks for all your help really appreciate it

If it happens again consider submitting a ticket although you may have limited success with this.

Sorry to hijack your thread but are race results given for the Chasing Cancellara TT? When the ride is over does it show your placing in the Companion App? TIA

Hi David . Yep results show on campion and also zwift power . I hope you can see yours ?


I am doing the Tick Tock version tomorrow. Did Bologna TT once when I was a lowly Zwift Rookie and haven’t been back since.

I’ll do the TT tomorrow and see what happens.

Done it and got the jersey.

Are you running the latest version of the app?

Well done Stuart … alas today’s even completed and still no award.

Email sent to swift to look into it and yep I do hav the latest app

That truly is odd, you’ve done it 3 times with no reward.

I hope you get to the bottom of it.

@matt_harris_ROZ I am presuming you did double-check the rest of your garage that you did not indeed already have it? Same happened to me on Haute rides… I did not unlock anything and after about two or three sessions realised it was the same jersey as previously and I have already unlocked it.

But yes, very weird indeed… I did not receive mine on the final of last season, where we beat him due to a tech glitch on his side. But I unlocked at Bologna yesterday. And it’s in the garage.

Hi Matt, did you get an answer from Zwift on this? I did the ride yesterday and no jersey either.

Hi James received an email
From Zwift this am and they are looking into it. However they have said that there could be a chance I might not receive it.

Which is a bit rubbish :frowning:

That’s rubbish. I’ve emailed this morning, so I’ll see what response I get. Frustrating if it doesn’t work.