Innsbruck Jersey

(Smoke Emm All) #1

Hi all.

Thoes that took part in the Innsbruck 5 stage challenge were told they would unlock the Jersey.

Having done all the stages I cant see it in my Jersey section. Anyone any ideas?

Ride on and hammer time amigos :grin::grin::grin:

(Maya The Bee) #2

Same here I’ve completed 1,2,5 on designated days but 3,4 I’ve completed this makeup weekend… no Jersey or email from zwift… after each completion of 1,2,5 I’ve received emails from zwift telling me I’ve done it… but for 3,4 nothing… also zwiftpower app shows them but does not count them towards the total still shows 3/5… there is a bug :beetle: please fix :grin:

(Alex Paul (St. Lucia => NYC)) #3

As a graduate of Zwift Academy 2018 it also took at least a week for the kit to appear in my locker, so I want to assume the same for Innsbruck. Yesterday I completed 4 of the 5 stages to complete the 5 tours and I’m waiting as well. Happy riding all. Ride on

(Paul Allen) #4

It’s awarded manually by Zwift, so it does take some time.

(Nigel Doyle) #5

Still waiting for mine after a number of days.

Bit ridiculous then to send out an email congratulating you and how to load up the jersey and not have it there.

(Luc Heijnen) #6

Same problem here: no email and no jersey after completion of the 5 stages…

(Bruno Israel) #7

Same here! No emails for Stages 1 and 5, wich were done on the makeup day also… Cheers.

(T Zhu) #8

I received an email similar to the one posted above, but it read “Wear it with pride on October 28th”.

(Vincent W.) #9

Checking up on all of you @Luc_Heijnen @bruno.tri @T_Zhu @Nigel_Doyle

(Vincent W.) #10

Everyone should have it except @Luc_Heijnen who’s been helped by our support team (and should get it soon). :slight_smile:

(Bruno Israel) #11

All set here! No mail, but Jersey is in the locker, Thanks!

(..Troy) #12

Could you check for me also please Vincent. Thanks.

(T Zhu) #13

Hi Vincent, thanks for checking on this.

I looked at my closet this morning and no luck here. The Innsbruck Fan Kit from TT rides this week is also missing if you can help with that, thanks.

(Nigel Doyle) #14

I got the fan kit after doing the 20km TT. Still no tour of Innsbruck kit. It’s now at the point where even if I get the kit it’s so long after the event I won’t be bothering to wear it.

(Vincent W.) #15

@B_Troy @T_Zhu @Nigel_Doyle Can you all check the very last slot in your Kit section and send us a screenshot here?

We have all 3 of you on our list of people that were sent the Kit so we’re trying to get to the bottom of this.

(T Zhu) #16

Current screenshot.

I’m on Apple 4K,not sure if this matters.

(..Troy) #17

Hi Vincent sorry for the confusion, I have just checked and found the kit in the last slot.
I was expecting an orange new kit item icon to let me know it had arrived.
Thanks for your time. Sorry again.
Ride On.

(Nick LaVeaux) #18

Hi @T_Zhu ,

I just looked into your account and noticed something interesting. When you mentioned being on Apple TV, I decided to take a look at your recent account activity. I noticed that your game version hasn’t been updated to the current version. The Tour of Innsbruck kit was added in one of the most recent updates. So once you update, you should be able to locate it. Can you take a look and let us know?

(Nigel Doyle) #19

My tour of Innsbruck kit is there now. Thanks. Think I’ll stick with the fan kit as that’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

(T Zhu) #20

Hi Nick, good eye. Thanks to this I now have the Tour of Innsbruck kit at the far end (and it is lovely). I am still missing the Innsbruck Fan Kit, are you able to see what is happening there? Thank you.