Innsbruck kit missing

(C 18 Fitness GYM) #1

Received email telling me my kit was ready for my avatar
But like the Goseong kit neither are available.
This seems to becoming a regular occurrence with kits.
The Zwift academy kit was missing the glasses for weeks.
Doesn’t seem that Zwift test the kits before they lunch the compitions.


(Fez Rockbottom) #2

I think only Apple folks had trouble with the ZA kit but it appears that in this case, I also have not been granted the Tour de Innsbruck kit after completing all five rides. Not a big deal, just thought I would give a heads up.

(Steve Phillips) #3

Had the same issue whats going on Zwift?

(Vincent W.) #4

Hey @Steve_Phillips and @C_18_Fitness_GYM

That email mistakenly reported that the kits are available, which they are not yet. They will not be sent out until some time after the makeup day (Sep 22nd). Sorry for the inconvenience!

(Steve Phillips) #5

thanks for quick response

(Vincent W.) #6

No problem!

(C 18 Fitness GYM) #7

I still do not have the kit for Innsbruck or the kit for Goseong?
They are not in my collection to select ?
Anyone else having this trouble. ?

(Paul Ecobichon) #8

Same problem. Did 4 Innsbruck rides on the right days and did the 5th on the catch up day but no kit!!

(Sharon Shepherd (Pack)) #9

Also just noticed no kit… Have an email confirming completion of each stage, no email after that about the kit?
And nothing when I log in.