Pride kit still missing

I have now completed the Pride ride three times just to try fix the “No Kit” after completion problem. First ride the Zwift app on my iPad crashed out. Let me back in and stored a split ride meaning one of 20 minutes and one of 40 min. No Kit. Second time it would not let me start even though I had registered. Managed to jump in 5 min after start finished and no kit. Did the ride “Complete” today for the first time and still no kit. Updated the app but will not be riding the ride again. You can keep your kit or fix you problems with your app. Very disappointed with Zwift support attitude in the threads. You can easily fix this. It is Software and you can simply add the kit to anyone pence you verify they participated.

Are you saying you only updated the app after your three attempts?

You don’t even have to ride for 60 minutes to get the jersey. If you have the correct app version, register for the ride, start the ride (not even sure you need to ride over the start line), hop off and let the 60 minute timer run down.

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Thanks Ben for the response. Yes after my third ride i started reading the forums and see you guys identified the problem and recommended that we update the app. I have done that. My point was simply that Zwift could very easily validate that anyone has participated in the ride and fix the issue buy allocating the kit which is not even serious to be honest . I don’t think you solution is the way to go but hey it’s one way to get kit. Another suggestion I saw would simply be when one opens the app simply inform us that there is a new version and we will update. Thanks. Ride On !!