AMGEN Watch the Women’s Race

Hello – rode AMGEM Women’s ride this evening and the mileage ticker never moved.  Rode 16 miles.  Want to be sure I will receive credit and an entry for Stage 1 in Cali.  The kit would be nice too.

Thank you,


Similar situation here-Completed the ride but didn’t unlock the kit.  The ride leader called it at 48 minutes.  The activity is listed on my account, but no kit. 

I did the group ride and the TT, and neither of them unlocked the kit. Looks like some obvious bug there.

Hi-I contacted Zwift Support directly and they manually added it to my account.:sunglasses:. Definitely a glitch.

Hi Janet,

There was a recent bug where kits were not being properly awarded to Zwift members upon their completion of an event, but that issue was addressed in the last update.

It looks like you already sent us a ticket for this issue, however for future reference, if you do not receive any kits that you feel you should have earned, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to investigate the matter and assist you. 

Please make sure to provide the following information in your ticket:

  1. The exact name of the ride or rides.
  2. The date/time the ride(s) started.
  3. Your timezone.
  4. You can also send us the fit file for the ride(s) (optional).