Don't see Pride 2020 kit

Hey all

Just finished the Pride Ride and it’s showing up in my activities but I don’t see the kit in my garage and I would love to wear it all Pride Month.

Does it show up later?

Or did I mess up by changing my jersey before the ride from the standard orange?

You may not see it until the next time you log in.

Ok then! Cool - thanks. I tend not to care too much but Pride month is different.

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No - that wasn’t it - still not there

I might have messed up by changing my jersey?

No, that shouldn’t matter. Someone else posted with the same issue in the main Pride 2020 thread.

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Hi @Federico_Cribiore
You did today’s session on v.1.0.49822 is why you’re not seeing the latest game art.

Please update your game app to the latest version 1.0.50775. If your Apple TV is not set to auto-update apps, this link has instructions on how to manually update apps.

You are a star.

Do I need to redo the ride?

You should not have to re-do the ride to see the jersey in your garage.

However - please report back if it’s not there, ok?

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No - it’s not there :frowning:

I don’t see my Pride kit either

Hi there,
I participated in the inaugural Pride On ride this morning. It was a great ride with awesome vibes. :+1:t2:
The Pride On kit this year with the purple looks so good, but during the ride all riders we wearing ‘standard orange’ jerseys, and although I received an email confirming I’d unlocked the Pride On kit, on completing the event - I do not seem to have the kit in my garage.
Instead, it looks so to have unlocked a ‘standard orange’ kit…
Any ideas? 🤷🏼

Hi @J_Making welcome to Zwift forums!

Easy! Please update your game software to the latest version to see the Pride 2020 kit.

Hi Shuji!
Many thanks for the quick response.
I have updated the Zwift application on my iPhone, but sadly, I still cannot see the Pride kit unlocked. :frowning:
Do you have any other suggestions?

Hi @J_Making
Please check your email - I’d like to get more information offline.

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My kit is not in the garage either. I’m up to date

@BJ_Pauline and @J_Making and @Federico_Cribiore

I consolidated all the reports of this issue into this thread.

We looked at your session logs, and you both did the Pride ride today while using the previous version 1.0.49822, then subsequently updated to the current game version. The reports of the jersey not appearing in your garage have all followed this pattern.

I’ve asked the QA team. They confirmed that now that you’re on the correct game version, the kit will unlock in your garage if you do another Pride event.


Ok - thanks for your attention to the matter

Hi Shuji,

Thanks for looking into it and getting to the crux of the issue for me - I do really appreciate it.

But, I must say, that I am disappointed by this outcome.

If I understand correctly, although I completed the inaugural Pride event on 2 June and received an email confirming I had unlocked the Pride kit; you’re Advising that because I hadn’t updated the Zwift application, from the update released 28 May; I in fact did NOT unlock the kit and would have to complete another Pride event to get it? :frowning:

If this issue affects everyone who didn’t update their Zwift application in the 4 days since the last update, this feels like a big misjudgment from the tech team to me

I think there were ~900 riders on that first ride and I would imagine a material number would not be running the latest update.

I would strongly recommend either fixing this issue in the back ground for future Pride events running this week, or making it clear to riders/runners that they need to Be running the Latest update from 28 May to successfully unlock the Pride kit.

Bit gutted, but thanks again for the investigation.


Jules Koch


In a similar boat. Did the event today, email stating it was unlocked but no sign of it in game. As far as I can tell the game was up to date and I’m unlikely to get the chance to take part in another event due to work committments. Pretty disapointing all round.

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