Unlock the 2023 Canyon//SRAM Watch the Femmes Kit in game

Only two days until the 2023 Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. Who’s excited?

Canyon//SRAM Racing unveiled the new kit they’re riding in the Tour inspired by Zwift and highlighting the shared mission to #WatchTheFemmes.

Now you can unlock that special jersey for your avatar! Just complete any one of the Canyon//SRAM Racing Watch the Femmes Kit Unlock Rides from July 22 through 31.

Canyon//SRAM riders will join this specific event tomorrow where you can join the team on their warm-up ride live from France.

Read the backstory of this very special edition kit on Roleur.

The helmet up for grabs too? Looks pretty sweet!

Only the 2023 team jersey is unlockable in these events. It will perfectly match the socks, cap, and sunglasses you can unlock in the regular #WatchTheFemmes events. Register here, then sign up for events here.

That helmet goes with the standard team kit for Canyon//SRAM Racing team riders. You can unlock yours by winning a thing we do every year called Zwift Academy.


Just finished the 1st ride, no special kit, most riders were in the standard orange Zwift kit.

No kit unlock message at the end of the ride and no kit in my garage after the event.

Have received an email saying I have unlocked the kit , logged back in and rechecked, but still
no kit?

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What version of the app are you running, and on what device?

They rolled-back the Windows app due to a bug, and previous versions may not have the graphic assets incorporated. Ergo, you’d have the kit unlocked but the game may not have the asset installed, so you’d see default orange kit.

Im running 1.43.3 114891 on Windows 11 and had the same issue, just the generic kits on show, others raised it during the ride but we were told it would be unlocked at the end.

but it was even odder because Canyon SRAM have posted footage on instagram, where you can see their riders were in the new kit on their setup, but I was passed by Alice at one stage, and it was showing up as their normal race kit on my setup.

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Same here. did the ride, saw everyone in orange and no kit in the garage after the ride.


1.43.3 on PC

Just completed, no jersey unlock and only about half the riders had orange shirts on during the ride, myself was wearing the standard orange jersey.

Never received usual accomplishment email
Windows 11
Zwift loader 1.1.8
Game version 1.43.3(114891)

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What’s wrong with Zwift? No jersey was unlocked after the Canyon/SRAM ride yesterday but received an email confirming CANYON//SRAM RACING KIT UNLOCKED? Logged back in today, however, the kit is still missing. :upside_down_face:

Same here.

It was suggested above that the graphics file containing the jersey might be part of the 1.44 update which has now been rolled back for PC users, in which case I expect you’ll see it when 1.44 is made available again.

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Would be nice if someone from Zwift could confirm

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I don’t see the jersey either but had the email saying I’ve unlocked it.

Same here, no unlock, and rode with orange kit. Didn’t receive an unlock email

Hey gang -
TLDR - apologies for the disappointing event experience for those using Windows. We will make sure you’ll get the special CANYON//SRAM jersey in your garage without you needing to write in to Support, or having to complete another jersey unlock event

As @Otto_Destruct said advice - this is happening as a result of us rolling back the Windows update to 1.43.3. We are sorting out a glitch with 1.44.0 that’s causing game crashes for some Zwifters.

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Hey, thanks Shuji, I was in ATV. I had the same experience. Updated to 1.44 and still no kit. Will this be rolled out manually?

Another weirdness… I got the 2023 cap without riding any events

Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 17.53.18

Hi, this happened to me on iOS on an iPad. I had the canyon bike during the ride, but no kit