Canyon TT Jersey kit not unlocked…

Disappointed, after an epic TT race today with Jan Frodeno, the Canyon jersey kit promised did not unlock. Anyone else is having same issue ?

Yeah, both myself and the Brother in Law have not got the kit either.

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Yes, same here the ride didn’t record / save … just crashed on me at the end!

Yep :cry: maybe because I went from the workout straight into the TT event?!?

I did not receive the Canyon jersey either after completing the TT. Also, in my group we were all on the old Speedmax frame, not the latest version.

Same problem here. Nothing unlocked.

Was there supposed to be a jersey unlock for this event? I have looked at several of the future instances and have not seen anything about that. It looks like you wear the kit for the event, but don’t actually unlock anything.

I did both the workout and the TT and did not receive the jersey :frowning:

Email that went out about the event stated at the bottom:

“Finish any TT race and the stylish in-game Canyon kit is all yours. Don’t miss out!”

Ah, I don’t recall the email. If that’s the case, though, I would guess it will be put into the garage of all who complete a race after ALL the races are completed. Either that, or it might be there the next time you log in.

Right it was in the email like for the Giant races. But in that case I get the Giant jersey kit right after my first race….

Hope Zwift will correct this or inform us if there was a change…

Completed both warm-up and TT event, no jersey for me either.

I’ll take the Canyon Speedmax TT bike as a consolation prize.

Emailed Zwift Support and they have said they will add it to my garage in the coming days.

Good to know thanks, just j^have to find their support email now :wink:

I had the same problem with TDZ but wait I later turned Zwift on again and only then it unlocked - try this,
also if this doesn’t work Have u joined on time?

Yes, joined about 15 minutes before the event. Has also same issue with TDZ Stage 4. And I also disconnect, recoonect, killed the app… without success.

But for your information all, I got a reply from the support that they have checked and confirmed I completed the event and added me to the list. I should get the kit within a week as they have received many requests. Thanks to the support. Hope you all be able to get it afterwards.

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Does one need to make an individual request or is Zwift HQ going to work through the list of riders who received the completion email?