Unlock the 2023 Canyon//SRAM Watch the Femmes Kit in game

Same thing happened to me using Apple TV 4k

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Hey @David_Nam @Neil_UK and others - if you notice that every avatar is dressed the basic Zwift Orange kit in an event that has an assigned kit such as this one - that happens because you’re using an outdated version of the Zwift app.

In this instance - the Canyon//SRAM Tour de France Femme avec Zwift kit will appear and unlock correctly if you’re using the Zwift version 1.44.0 or newer.

  • For those using Windows - we paused the 1.44 rollout to PC’s because of a game-breaking crash affecting some PC users, and reverted everyone to v1.43.3. If you’re a Windows user - don’t worry - we’ll make sure you get this very cool jersey in your garage when we fix the 1.44 bug and resume rollout.

  • For those on Apple TV / iOS / Android - please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play store and update to 1.44 if you’ve disabled automatic app updates.

Thanks Shuji.
Does this mean I need to do the event again to unlock the kit?
I slowed down towards the end of the group ride to try to see the guest rider. Did this cause the absence of an unlock?
I definitely finished the ride.

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@David_Nam No - if you completed one of these events, that will be captured in our servers. Based on that completion data - the Support team will award you this awesome jersey once we get the 1.44 PC version debugged.

You do not need to lift a finger in other words, we just ask for your patience.


I’m using a PC as of the last few rides and did the update the other day.

Just making sure I’m reading this correctly, I finished the route/ride today but didn’t get the jersey but that’s because of a big on your side?

Secondly, (not sure if you can answer this). I did the 3 little sister route yesterday but did not get the badge for that either. Is this the same issue as it was on PC? Thanks in advance.

@shooj thanks for your help with this. Ive actually completed another ride today and got the jersey but updated to 1.44 (on Sunday I think) and the kit wasn’t in my garage.


@Neil_UK - I will shoot you a private message :slight_smile:

Winning the Zwift academy sounds easy enough to get the helmet :wink:

Will the bike be included though? Looking at the event on the Zwift companion app it looks like both the jersey and the Canyon Aeroad Team Edition are both unlockables.

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No kit in my garage either :frowning:

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no kit unlock here as well. nothing in garage.

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Windows users, you WILL NOT see the kit in your garage until the 1.44 release is available.

Once it is, you should see the kit. We’ll announce once it is available again.

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I’m not familiar with the Zwift academy. Care to explain how i can participate to unlock the helmet aswell ? Thanks for your time.

I don’t think that is a list of unlockable items. It’s just the bike/jersey that everyone is assigned to for the ride, whether or not it is unlocked. But I’ve never seen bike/jersey listed right there, so maybe…?

Zwift Academy is a yearly series of workouts, like a short training program. Typically there are unlocks involved, but I’m not quite sure what @shooj meant by

That helmet goes with the standard team kit for Canyon//SRAM Racing athletes. You can unlock yours by winning a thing we do every year called Zwift Academy.

This was last year’s Academy: All About Zwift Academy Road 2022 | Zwift Insider

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There are three Zwift academies running each year.

  • Run
  • Tri
  • Ride

Each of those contains a number of workouts that you need to complete in a certain time. Completing those in any shape or form will unlock a whole load of ingame goodies, such as kit, hats/helmets, shoes.

If you are one of the top performers you will get shortlisted and enter an in person competition where in the case of run and tri a team is selected which will be trained up for a specific event (i.e. New York marathon or iron man worlds). Run and Tri are pretty much at an Amateur/Elite level.

Ride on the other hand is a different type of thing. The best will get shortlisted for a 1 week in person competition where the gents compete for an actual professional contract on Team Alpecin Deceuninck and the ladies for a professional contract on Team Canyon//Sram. The gents do have an age restriction while I believe the ladies do not. Generally speaking: If you are in a shape to compete with Mathieu Van Der Poel you might have a shot at winning the Zwift academy … hence the comment was more tongue in cheek.

The helmet in question however cannot get earned and will instead get assigned to members of the professional Canyon\Sram team, hence the only way of getting that helmet is to be a woman and winning the Zwift academy or get recruited onto team Canyon\Sram in another way.

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@Louis-Philippe_Frene and @Hans_Whipple

  1. You have to be a member of the Canyon//SRAM professional team to get that helmet in-game.
  2. Zwift Academy is an annual program that identifies exceptionally talented riders from the Zwift community. Those competing for the top prize (for women) earn a contract with the Canyon//SRAM Racing team.

There was a year where we all got a real life Canyon Sram cap. It’s great looking too.

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Thanks for the detailed answer.

I did the ride on Windows. Checked afterwards on Android 1.44 app and still no kit in the garage. Is there another update needed?

UPDATE July 28
Windows users - please update to v 1.44.2 at your earliest convenience.