Game Update v1.44 [July 2023]

HI Zwifters! We begin a phased rollout of Zwift game version 1.44 today starting with Windows / macOS / Android devices first.

  • Sections of the road in Watopia should now appear seamless, without gaps or texture issues.
  • Mega Pretzel lap arch moved to correct finish of route.
  • Cyclists using Wattbike Atom smart bikes will now see their selected gear displayed in Workouts during Free Ride blocks.
  • Climb Portal routes are now more clearly identified in Route cards and saved activities.
  • Zwift Play: Giving Ride-On bombs (by pressing and holding the Z-button) no longer plays the “Ride On” sound effect.
  • Teleport: The Friends list now shows average w/kg.
  • Fixed an issue where, in some situations, the Zwifters Nearby list would show your name at the top of the list and riders ahead of you were not visible.
  • Fixed an issue with Offroad Steering Sensitivity slider not saving after an adjustment.
  • Fixed an issue where the running split time may be displayed on the Login screen after completing a run.
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with the Pause Menu user interface.
  • Fixed an issue where riders would be positioned at the side of the road without steering input when paired with a steering device
  • Corrected the phenomenon where some portions of Climb Portal routes would appear black (instead of their gradient color) on some Apple devices.
  • Fixed an issue where messages sent via Zwift Companion may not be visible to others while riding Climb Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where U-turns may not function properly after completing an Event ride.
  • Fixed an issue where cyclists may briefly swerve on some routes.
  • Fixed an issue where in-game graphs could not be toggled during workouts.
  • Fixed an issue where camera views would continually cycle in an Event paddock after manually selecting a camera view.
  • Fixed an issue where canceling the Confirm Teleport prompt in Zwift Companion did not close the corresponding prompt in Zwift.
  • Climb Portal roads have been adjusted so it is no longer possible to slightly ride off the edge of the visible road.
  • Pair with Phone: Fixed an issue where devices may not be discoverable if Zwift Companion is restarted during a ride.
  • Fixed game crashes that could occur when loading into a route or joining an Event in another world.
  • Zwift Play: Various improvements to in-game navigation and connection reliability…
  • Various improvements to game visuals, animations, game performance, and stability.

PC & Mac

  • Zwift game launcher updated to v1.1.9, which improves game update reliability.
  • Fixed an issue where the Save button on the End Activity screen would flicker enthusiastically when hovered over.


  • AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT GPUs now have the Ultra graphics profile enabled.

iOS, tvOS

  • Fixed a visual issue that affected the nameplates of nearby riders.


  • Fixed an issue where the Ride Report “Highlights” section could not be navigated via Apple TV remotes.


  • Fixed a crash for Zwifters that would sometimes happen when switching to a new world after an event.

Today, rollout continues to PC / macOS devices and begins for iOS / tvOS devices.

UPDATE July 28
Windows only: Zwift 1.44.2 begins phased rollout today.

  • Fixes an issue that could cause the game world to appear black for some specific Windows devices.
  • The Canyon//SRAM special Tour edition team kit from the Tour de France Femme avec Zwift jersey unlock events will now appear for those Zwifting on Windows computers.

Note: If you’ve already completed a Canyon//SRAM TdFFaZ jersey unlock event and don’t see the jersey in your Garage, we will manually award it to you after we complete v1.44.2 phased rollout tomorrow. Please update to v1.44.2 as soon as it’s available to you, and check your Garage next week.

UPDATE: Zwift v 1.44.2 is rolled out to 100% of Windows users. Please update at your earliest convenience.

If you notice any issues - please report them in this thread.


Ah. I might try it out now. I’ve been avoiding the portal due to my fear of heights :smile:


Does this include that effect in some road transitions where it looks like everyone either suddenly gets smaller, or everyone drops 2 feet?


Not seen or heard of that. Do you have an image of it?

what on earth? its happened in numerous places and its been around forever. the worst spots are around the italian village back toward KOM and down to jetty.
it occurs on other maps too, but watopia is the worst for it.


Nope, new one on me. I know of the odd place where the bottoms of the wheels sink into the ground but not shrinking riders or dropping 2 feet.

This is from Neokyo to Makuri…it’s happening in other worlds forever at intersections.

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I see a quick flash of a rider but nothing as first described. I wonder if it’s device or operating system specific?

I most definitely see that “bump” in Watopia and Makuri, on both a 1st Gen and 3rd Gen ATV4k and have for years. Of course, we’re still waiting on 1.44 to go live so I can’t speak to that version of the app.

Of note: I’m always in “3rd person” view. I wonder if it’d be evident in first person view? Maybe it’s camera-specific.

Title Music is broken again, even turning 3D World Sounds up doesn’t fix it.

As in its disappeared again? All my dreams have come true.


the OP was exaggerating a bit, but to be MORE ACCURATE since you wanna argue about it, its when riders all hit a spot on the road, and the meshes arent aligned, they all drop / or go up depending on the direction, to the height on the next mesh; the dev’s havent “stitched” them together very well in places. its more a visual annoyance than anything else.

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I don’t and I wasn’t.

Merely seeking clarification.

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The only other one I compare to that is Richmond Rollercoaster.

Once you hit the reverse fan flats section (only happens on lap 2+ of the loop), the turn on the southeast corner of Monroe park basically has you slam into the side of a parking deck after crossing both lanes of the road at like a 90 degree angle before snapping back to the route which is an immediate right hand turn, so it’s solid whiplash.

It’ll make you sick… genuinely.
Apparently it’s been broken like this since it route was added.

That’s not a bug. It’s the game loading up the data for the next section of map. Hence why it happens at the start of most expansions.

I think this is what you are describing, it’s not fixed

Only gaps like this are fixed


Is there any progress in making the orbit camera usable again rather than constantly bringing up the menu when you adjust the view or even worse, U-turning your rider?


Thanks Cassio, that shows it better. Personally I’ve never come across that.

Does make me wonder if it’s a specific setup that causes it, as although there are examples here I’ve never previously heard of it as a widespread issue.

Does that mean the issue where the workouts created on one iOS device (eg the iPad) won’t sync with other iOS devices (eg an Apple TV) hasn’t been fixed even though Zwift promised me it would be with this update???