Unlock the 2023 Canyon//SRAM Watch the Femmes Kit in game

There are three Zwift academies running each year.

  • Run
  • Tri
  • Ride

Each of those contains a number of workouts that you need to complete in a certain time. Completing those in any shape or form will unlock a whole load of ingame goodies, such as kit, hats/helmets, shoes.

If you are one of the top performers you will get shortlisted and enter an in person competition where in the case of run and tri a team is selected which will be trained up for a specific event (i.e. New York marathon or iron man worlds). Run and Tri are pretty much at an Amateur/Elite level.

Ride on the other hand is a different type of thing. The best will get shortlisted for a 1 week in person competition where the gents compete for an actual professional contract on Team Alpecin Deceuninck and the ladies for a professional contract on Team Canyon//Sram. The gents do have an age restriction while I believe the ladies do not. Generally speaking: If you are in a shape to compete with Mathieu Van Der Poel you might have a shot at winning the Zwift academy … hence the comment was more tongue in cheek.

The helmet in question however cannot get earned and will instead get assigned to members of the professional Canyon\Sram team, hence the only way of getting that helmet is to be a woman and winning the Zwift academy or get recruited onto team Canyon\Sram in another way.

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@Louis-Philippe_Frene and @Hans_Whipple

  1. You have to be a member of the Canyon//SRAM professional team to get that helmet in-game.
  2. Zwift Academy is an annual program that identifies exceptionally talented riders from the Zwift community. Those competing for the top prize (for women) earn a contract with the Canyon//SRAM Racing team.

There was a year where we all got a real life Canyon Sram cap. It’s great looking too.

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Thanks for the detailed answer.

I did the ride on Windows. Checked afterwards on Android 1.44 app and still no kit in the garage. Is there another update needed?

UPDATE July 28
Windows users - please update to v 1.44.2 at your earliest convenience.


The Canyon//SRAM kit has been credited to all members who participated in the Canyon//SRAM events. Please make sure that you log out and log back into Zwift and are on the most current version.

Thank you all for flagging and being patient with us!


updated the windows version to 1.44.2 (116423) but still no Canyon shirt to be seen.

Thanks @Peter_Twigt_BEAT - I just sent you a PM

Just updated to PC version 1.44.2, but could not find this Jersey.
Logged out and back in after the update, still no Jersey.
Do I have to repeat the ride?

Did the update do 1.44.2 and the Jersey is in the Garage, thank you for the follow up. Ride on!

Completed the ride again and unlocked the kit

Também terminei o evento e não está disponível nem a bike nem o kit… E eu estou com zwift atualizado

Just did the last ride of the watch the femmes event and now the special Allez shirt has been removed from the garage again …

log out and log back in made it come back … weird

It does seem to disapair every time I do a ride. I than have to log out and log in to see the jersey again.

I still do not have the jersey in my garage. I believe I’ve updated to the latest version of zwift, am on windows.


what about Apple TV users ? I’m on ATV 4K, completed the ride, am on latest version of update and still don’t have the kit either

Hi Team

I have updated my game version today to 1.44.2. I completed three of these rides last week in the hopes I will receive the jersey. After the update I have logged in and out a number of times, still no Jersey

I upgraded to 1.45.0 (Windows), but I still didn’t have jersey.