Missing Zfondo Kit Unlock

Hi everyone - we’ve worked through and corrected the situation. For those who completed the Fondo event prior to 5pm PST (Friday), should now have the kit unlocked and in their garage. If you completed the event and you’re still not seeing the kit, please contact support. For those who completed the event after 5pm PST (Friday), you should have the kit automatically unlocked and in your garage.

Thanks for your patience.

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Setting these events up without position leaderboard in the game is a big fail. Classic Zwift.

It is happening again for the March Fondo, I guess. I rode and completed the 6am CET event and did not get the kit.

Hi Luigi,

Really sorry about this. I wasjust checking to see if there were any posts about this.

The first 3 events did not have Jersey Unlock turned on. I’ve changed all the following events so that they do.

We’ll be asking our support team to bulk credit all users who have doner the first 3 events to get them the kit they deserve for their efforts.

Please bear with us whilst we get this sorted.

Sorry again.


Thank you, James!

Thanks for fixing the error. Did the bambino ride Thur. 4pm pst Thur and was wondering about the unlock. It was plan for the fri afternoon to contact support as I busy last night and this morning. Saves the hassle. Looking forward to testing myself on the gran route this weekend. Better routes than the old medio and gran routes.

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Thanks for checking on this as I was also one that didn’t get the kit and checked again today after almost 2 days still. Waiting patiently… :smiley:

I am also missing mine for the March Bambino Fondo that I did on Mar 3 at 4:02 PM Pacific.

Hi James, are there any news? Thanks!

I’ll chase today Luigi

Im also missing the kit…

Hi guys,

We’ve added the kit to anyone that we are seeing as having completed those stages. If you still haven’t received the kit in your garage, can you please contact the Customer Support team?

Thank you so much! I have it now.

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