Can't Join Zwift Fondo event

Okay, joined up for the 5pm Zwift Fondo and didn’t get transported to Watopia within 5mins. Closed NYC down and logged into Watopia. No notification that its about to start nothing. 1 Min to go nothing. Great, it’s started!!! Can’t even join the Bambino event!!!

Begs the questions, why on earth are Zwift restricting the Zwift Fondo to 3 times on just one day?
Does it cost money to host more, surely over a couple of days with a few more times?

I couldn’t join either. Logged on with 11 minutes to go, and while the UK-8am Fondo was showing on the Events listing, I got a spinning circle when attempting to join it. After three minutes of that, I closed and reopened Zwift. The Fondo appeared momentarily but vanished from the Events list before I could attempt to join it. The number of participants showed at maybe 2219 the first time and 2286 the second time - given that there were 11 and 6 minutes to go respectively, this strongly suggests that a capacity limit was hit (maybe a soft limit related to server pressure rather than a hard cap). It’s the second time this year that I’ve lost out on an event - the other being a stage of the Tour de Zwift - and to the layperson it just looks as though the company aren’t investing enough of their ever-growing revenues into the basics…