Anyone else miss the Rookie Rides for Tour of Watopia?

I’m and older, fatter, out of shaper dude who typically rides with the HERD or ZER group rides in the 1.2-1.5 W/kg range. Based on that power output, I typically end up riding alone at the back of the TOW rides. Sometimes a few of us end up grouping up, but it’s not very often.

Last year Zwift did some rookie rides that grouped more of us together and most even had a leader. I believe that the intent was to teach newcomers ZWIFT, but they attracted a good crowd of slower riders that could group up. We even suffered together for a 2 hr ride that went up to the radio tower?

I would love to see the rookie rides return for next years TOW.

Team Old-and-Slow here! We had a good group of riders in that wattage range for the ToW stage 3 ride yesterday - very chatty, calling out positions and getting everyone bunched up for our own pack near the back.

It’s not formally organized but we exist. :slight_smile:

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