New to group rides - questions

 Been on Zwift for a while now but never tried a group ride until today  - did Tour of Watopia stage 2 which was awesome because I am only a level 7 and I got to access the jungle - fun!  A couple questions tho - why did so many riders look the same (white guy, red hair, gray zwift kit)?  And how do I know who was the leader?  And how do I know if I get dropped or get close to being dropped?

Sorry if these are stupid questions - it was a little like the Twilight zone with all the riders around me looking the same… I must be missing something!


There was a bug in the system today. (see below)

The Tour of Watopia  does not have a ride leader, it is like a race but you do it on your own time.

Thanks!  I was really confused!