group ride feedback

first off - it was a lot of fun. my major feedback is a lag between effort on the KICK Rand outcome in the game. it’s a quite long lag, so it’s hard to react to an attack on the sprints. also speed downhill seems really fast for very low wattage. Bar that, it was a really good experience, with some great duelling with Scott.

one other thing. it’s quite hard to ride together. again I thinkthe lag is the guilty party here.

Yes, I noticed the lag between the effort on the trainer and when it is reflected in the game. If someone blows past you it is nearly impossible to launch a counter. It’s almost as if you have to start your effort about 3 seconds before the visual reference point that you actually want it to start at.

Also, very minor, but the distance displayed in the name tags is a little deceiving on a sprint. In a couple of the efforts with Scott I was sprinting and let up a little at the end because it didn’t look like he was gaining or making the effort, then he blew past me like a rocket at the line! Yeah, rookie mistake in sprinting I know…sprint through the line!

Just FYI, after my computer rebooted itself today I was pleasantly to find that ride data safely stored in my activities folder. I was afraid that data had been lost since the computer just shut down on it’s own and I didn’t have the option to save/discard.

After my first lap in the group ride today my PC rebooted itself after installing some updates. There were 4-5 other people online when my computer restarted.

After booting up again and getting logged in I saw no one online. I was apparently by myself on the course.

I exited the program and restarted. On the next restart there were 3-4 people on.

I was curious if there are multiple versions of the course and you don’t always log in to the same version with the same people? It was just odd that when I came back on that second time and there was no one else there…unless everyone got disconnected at once?

Also, I occasionally see people log in and see there names displayed in the list, but it seems they never move. For example, I saw G. Randolph listed but I never saw his time seem to deviate from the start point, like he was there but not moving.

Anyone else experience this?

yes, I agree on the name tags. The “danger” rider, that is the one nearest to you is often obscured by a rider who is further back. lam sure t hat can be fixed. Netathlon, and even Tacx, Managed to reflect an effort almost immediately. So I can’t think this is a big problem to solve.

Shame I wasn’t able to make this - sounds like some good testing. The lag experience you mentioned sounds like what I noticed against the AI/bots.

Was a good ride but as others noted it was hard to react. Timing issues. I guess they might want to borrow tech from real time computer based trading. Never mind what it may cost :wink: