private channel on zwift

Hello. i`m using zwift very often.

when i training on zwift with my friends

i always hope there are some private channel only for ours


even it`s hard to construct those system.

how about make some friends list system? and notify where they are

now, i always ride with unknown guys. it`s not funny.

i think most powerful thing of these social network training is on those system.

You could use Discord or TeamSpeak to do this. It may get implemented sometime down the road within Zwift.

This is a big improvement and in turn a big effort to do it right.

* training groups

* clubs and club groups

* race groups

* favorites groups

* a list of reusable phrases, i hate typing when peddeling

* a ‘ride on’ option for the nearest five riders

It would be nice if there was a Zwift feature wish list so we knew our ideas are at least in plan, even if not a time line.


Listen to the latest ZwiftCast and you will see the kind of things Zwift is thinking about implementing in-regards to this request.



Good news on your last point. 

* a ‘ride on’ option for the nearest five riders - You can do this from the Zwift mobile link App. How: When you are on the map screen tap on the little white circle around your rider, that will give ride ones to the people around you. 

This does not work in races or group events.