Rider search / Friends list

(Mike Moyers TruTriSports) #1

I’d like to have the ability to either search for friends currently online to join on a ride, or make a friends list separate from the all riders list. This will make it easier to find when your friends are riding and join them. Maybe even have friends only leaderboards.

(Scott) #2

Totally! Social graph is coming. 

(K.C. Race3R) #3

Friend list, displayed as a leaderboard, with friends’heart rate displayed would be great!  It will hlp groups stay together.   We will need to disable for racing tho!!

(Chris Giamba (B1 | EVO)) #4

Yes, and especially now that it’s now possible to follow and have followers, it would be great to search for people/friends to follow rather than having to peek in on the app to see if they’re riding and then follow them. It would be great to be able to search for friends by first and/or last name or maybe even by email.

Also, it might be great to have the option to search by country to see if there are others that you might know from your local club or group rides.

(Todd Bondy) #5

Agreed Chris.  It is so hard to find and ride with your friends on this app.


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(Michael Henasey) #11

Would really love to see a solution here…

The rider’s nearby list on the mobile app becomes nearly useless after some time. The list is constantly changing every second, which makes selecting someone to Follow like playing a game of Whack a Mole.

In the early days with only a couple of hundred riders, this wasn’t as much as an issue. Now, with a 1000+ riders and large group rides, I think it’s time to revisit the usability of the rider’s nearby list.

I would suggest that the nearby list should not be updated so frequently and that the “real-time” order of riders isn’t very important. E.g. when riding in a large pack/group, the exact order of the 50+ riders around you isn’t a big concern. Now I understand that the real-time order of riders in the list is important for those conducting races, but perhaps that should be limited to just the main in-game screen and not the mobile app?

There should be a Search function. It should allow you to search for any rider by name, regardless of whether the rider is “nearby”, online, or offline.


(Phillip North) #12

Agreed Michael - it amazes me that Zwift have missed the boat so badly on such basic features like getting their social connections right (search user, coordinate group rides etc…) and saved login.

With a monthly subscription, it won’t take a lot for someone to get it right and then all the other platforms are dead in the water!


I am guessing it will be a well funded new player who has a clue rather than any of the existing players that can’t seem to fix the minor but important stuff!

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(Andy Davies INC) #15

+1 !!!

(John Legg 3rvs S2T) #16


(Greg Wrenn) #17

@Zwift. Any update on this functionality?

(John (Kissena) Malcolmson) #18


(Michael Boorstein) #19

Last mobile update release a day or two ago said the next release would have friend search

(Varinka Varinka Williams) #20

awesome!!! Looking forward to adding the friends!