Searching for riders to follow

Hey Zwift creators… Can you create a search function so we can follow friends on Zwift without having to wait for them to be actually on the program at the time? It’s very difficult to follow people the current way you have it setup. Thank you.

This is definitely one of several frustrations with the UI design!

Even when I know someone is currently riding, I stand little chance of finding them in the jerky slow-scrolling non-alphabetically sortable list of 500+ names!!


Agreed.  Critical feature.  Also needed to be supported via the desktop for those not using smartphones or tables.

Thumbs Up!



Get-r-done… :slight_smile:

Really critical feature!! +1

Yes please!!!

Seems crazy for a social platform to make it really difficult to find and follow other friends. Not really understanding why this isn’t a basic feature that was added very early on! Massive +1 from me.

+1 :slight_smile:

Yes please!




Hey folks - we’re working on it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Brian! Power to the People! ;) 

Chop chop +1

Can you be helpful and give us an approx date when this will be done please?

Also team members groups!