Following and followers / many riders missing

Hi folks - I did find a similar thread and question to mine elsewhere, but that gentleman doesn’t seem to have gotten any response, so I thought I’d post a new query here.
I DO know how to find the lists of people I follow, and who follow me, via the Zwift Companion App.
But, I follow around 350 people, and know for sure, that I’m only seeing about 200 of them via the Zwift Companion app (unless there’s a well hidden “view page 2” sort of link somewhere).
I’m pretty sure that I could stop following many riders who’ve mostly stopped riding on Zwift, but I can’t see their names to “unfollow” them.
Any love here?
I’ve also tried logging in to Zwift online (, but I can’t even see a way to view your followers / following on the online site.

Would love to be able to see everyone I follow - somehow! Online via if need be!

Hi Chris,

You pose an interesting point/question/issue. To my knowledge, there’s no way to get a definitive list of all the people in Zwift whom you follow and who follow you, but kudos to you because it’s a great idea! If such a feature exists, it’s deeply buried in the Companion app in a location which is not obvious. I “+1” voted your idea to get that list added to the Companion app, and hopefully one day it’ll happen.

Here’s what I do know about the app:

If your Companion app is connected to “GAME” mode, you’ll find a section in the app where it displays “Zwifters Nearby” and “Zwifters You Follow”. The “Zwifters You Follow” section is actually not a full list of those Zwifters. It’s intended to display all the Zwifters you follow who are currently Zwifting or “nearby” in Zwift.

I think the point of that feature is to let you know which Zwifters you follow are in the app so you can join them if that’s your wish. Since it’s simply worded “Zwifters You Follow”, I can definitely understand if there’s any confusion on that point, but I hope that helps to clear things up for you.

It’s also impressive that you took the time to count 200 followers (approximately?) online and Zwifting from that section of the app. That’s more patience than I have. :slight_smile:

The only other place in Zwift Companion (ZC for short) I know of that’ll display information on the Zwifters you follow (and those Zwifters following you) is the “ACTIVITIES” screen. That screen is only available when the Zwift Companion app is not connected to the Zwift game app (ZC always defaults to the “HOME” screen when you’re not logged in to the Zwift app simultaneously). The “ACTIVITIES” screen (located next to “EVENTS”) will display the Zwift activities from those followers so you can see what they’ve been up to, however, if you’re following a lot of Zwifters (which you are), anyone who hasn’t Zwifted in a while will not appear anywhere near the top of that activity list.


I would like to ask you just a curiosity. Do you know if there is a maximum number of zwifters that I can follow? I ask you this because on the App Companion I can no longer add zwifters that I want to follow. When I touch the orange button a message says “impossible to follow the user” Thanks

The max number is 5,000.

The limitation that only 200 contacts are displayed still exists.

For what reason is this?
When will this finally be changed? I would like to be able to see all contacts.

Thanks in advance.