Companion app Following/Followers list "feature"

So, a recent update to the Companion app has seen a feature sacrificed in the name of a longer list. Supposedly users want to list more than 200 followers, and in order to do this, the devs took away the Online and Offline status of both Followers and Following.

Regardless of whether I am currently Zwifting, I can no longer see within each of these lists, a segmentation of which users are online and which are not. This was nice, because whether while riding, or just throughout the day, I could open the Companion app and provide Ride On!'s to online Followers. Even those I Follow are not indicated as online or not, and the only way to tell is by going to the Home screen and looking for Zwifting Now users from my Following list under Activities.

My discussions with Zwift Support indicate this was a feature update. Really ? Maybe it’s just me who has zero interest in scrolling through hundreds of random followers. Instead of just listing them by date of addition, with newer at the top, why not have a truncated list, with those most active, or who provided a recent Ride On!, etc. as sort criteria for less than 200 ?

There is already another long thread on this subject. Many seem to be unhappy with the change.

Sorry for the extra post… I ought to have done a more thorough search. Thanks for the heads up.