Companion App (Android) Following/Followers

I just noticed this, in the Companion App, current Android version, the #'s of both Following/Followers that is displayed when I press my profile pic does not match the # of Following/Followers when I press to view the each of those lists. The #'s that are displayed for each list from my profile are both far less than the number of riders I see when I look at each of the lists separately.

Anyone know why there is a difference?

Hi @DMulherin , Hmmmmm, I just checked and see the same thing and wonder why too… Hopefully someone will notice this thread and chime in. I wonder if iOS users have the same?

To add, neither # for Following/Followers in ZC mirrors what the Zwift website profile (not game) displays for my current #'s for both.

It’s been like this for years… No idea why.

I can live with it, just wanted to know if I was doing something wrong on my end. Thank you.