Zwift Companion no longer shows which followers are currently Zwifting

The ability to see which Followers are currently riding seems to have been removed from Zwift Companion. Please bring this back in some form.

Please indicate why this useful functionality was removed and if/when it will be reinstated?

It’s still there, under the number that shows the Zwifting Now you should see a Zwift Ride On thumbs up with a list of names click on it and you will see the entire list.

Paul: it exactly sure to what you are referring, but what the OP is saying is 100% correct, at least for iOS devices. When looking in your profile under ‘Riders You Follow’ and ‘Riders Following You’ the lists used to be separated between those currently Zwifting and those not. But since the most recent ZC update there is no separation, just a list.

I use iOS and I can see the list of Zwifters I follow currently Zwifting, it’s on the main page right under the total number of Currently riding

Click where the arrow is pointing on my image, it will give you a little of Zwifter you are following currently riding/running.

You are correct, insofar as that functionality. What the OP is talking about, though, are the lists available from within your profile. This allows the additional functionality of being able to see who is following you, who you may not necessarily follow back, who is Zwifting and be able to easily give them a Ride On. Additionally, the screen you are showing is only available when you are not Zwifting yourself (when you are your device switches to map view), while the profile lists are available throughout the ride. So, if someone starts their ride after you and ends before you the screen you showed would not allow you to give them a Ride On during their ride. Having access to this information from the profile screen was great. I’m perplexed as to why it was removed.

Hi Paul,
I raised this issue on Nov 16th when there was an iPhone update. Spoken to Zwift support and they either can’t understand the issue, can’t understand me or don’t understand what is now missing.
Before the last update, all was ok on the companion app whilst I was Zwifting.

Whilst Zwifting ourselves, we have lost the ability to see which of the Zwifters we
follow, (or who follow us) that are currently Zwifting.

Some iPhone users whilst on-line, now just have a full list of followed or following Zwifters, with no separation between those who are on-line and those off-line.

Can anybody understand what I am writing? as Zwift support couldn’t.
Cheers and “Ride On”

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I had similar experience but eventually the Zwift support understood the issue - unfortunately though there is no indication as to if/when the function will be reinstated
I was encouraged to raise it on the forums …

Extract from email

I’ll passed it on to our dev team. We are always trying to improve the Zwift experience and with a feature like this they might bring it back, but no guarantee.
We also encourage you to share your thoughts on our Community forums at​.


Hi Wendy,
I also had a reply similar to yours.
The section that makes me think I was contacting someone who doesn’t actually know what they are talking about is

I say this as this" feature" has not been removed from android phone users.
Oh well…
“Ride On”

Is this the feature that you are referring to?

This is from my Android.

Hi Gerrie,
no this is not the screen I mean.
When Zwifting and on the map page I have a small square icon at the top left of iPhone screen. It is my mini picture. When I press on that I am taken to my Zwift stats page. (I’m still Zwifting)
It is here that I can see two small oblong boxes one saying Zwifters I follow, the others Zwifters who follow me. (This is towards the top half of that screen. At a similar height to the box you have marked in your photo)

As you tap on either of these you would access that list of Zwifters. The first part of the list would be those of that group who are currently on-line, followed by those that were of that group currently off-line. A bar would separate those two sub groups.

This was function was working fine until the last iPhone update on Nov 16th.

These lists are still visible but there is no separation between those of that group who are on-line and those of that group who are off-line. All Zwifters of each group are muddled up.

Cheers for any help you can give.
“Ride On”

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Thanks for the description, it will look for it the next time I ride.

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Gerrie: You don’t even have to be Zwifting. Just open the ZC app and click on your picture in the upper left corner to open up your stats page. There is a line right below your photo on this page that says 'Following ; Followers '. When you open either of these you see a list of each type (sorted in order from most recently added to first added). These lists both used to be separated in to a ‘Zwifting Now’ and not Zwifting section. This is what made it quick and easy to run down the list and give Ride Ons, especially to those who follow you but you don’t follow back.


Found it. On my Android phone.

Is this on android Gerrie? iPhone still not showing online vs offline

Yes this is Android, use this post link to discribe to Zwift support what you are missing in i phone.

thanks Gerrie

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I am glad other people noticed this. I will add my request for this here also. I like the community aspect of zwift and want an easy way to see which of my followers are currently zwifting regardless of their proximity to me. Please turn this feature back on.

At present when I want to check for followers, I disconnect my iOS device from wifi so that zwift companion stays on the home screen where I can view active followers. This is definitely not ideal.

Not sure how this response from Zwift Support makes any sense …

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that functionality is going away for the Zwift Companion. It’s already been removed from iOS and will be removed from Android eventually as well. The online/offline split in the followers didn’t allow the list to show more than 200 followers so our team is removing it so that the list can show more people.

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