Following zwifters

I have been on Zwift only about a month but it does not appear that you can track someone you follow when they are zwifting…all you get is they are active and their activity is not available. Is there a way to know where someone is zwifting before you try to meet meet up with them? I might not want to meet someone who is doing a workout or on a tour with a lot of elevation but can’t see what someone is doing. Thanks for any feedback

In the Companion app, tap “Zwifting Now”:

Then tap the “Following” tab. It will show people you follow and which world they’re in.

You can tap the individual names to see what they’re doing right now. Power/cadence etc.

Then you can start Zwift, select the right world and “Ride With” them.

That should help a bit, but it’s still not going to be obvious whether they’re doing a long ride, climb, etc.

Great…thanks…I would be happy knowing where they are and just could not figure that post out…love Zwift and especially the comradarie among Zwifter and also the sorry team.