Improve fanview - Ability see who on your follow list is currently in a ride “live”

I’m new to zwift, and I enjoy the supportive communities. But one thing that continues to boggle me is how people find the energy to socialise in-game.

I try to thumbs up, it’s the best I can manage, but between sweaty fingers, exhaustion and at times an unresponsive screen (maybe due to sweat…), I’ve managed to pause my ride at a crucial moment!

I noticed a couple of times people sending me encouraging messages as I rode, and it was much appreciated. When I asked a new pal how I could cheer fellow riders on my follow list when I wasn’t in a workout, I was shocked at how clunky the workarounds were.

It’d be nice to logon and immediately see who is riding “live” on my follow list, so I can send a real time message of encouragement.

In Zwift Companion, you can always go into the Zwifting Now section (at the top) and then select the Following tab to see who you’re following is riding now.

That will let you give them a Ride On. To be able to meesage them from there you’d need to be in-game yourself, but similarly that would let you message them.