Fix list of followers to allow quick and easy review

(Jason 'The Shepherd' Hurst TBR (C)) #1

I can’t see all my followers or those that I am following in the ZC app. I have over 500 followers and the list of followers becomes useless if you want to check who is following you. I can’t remember everyone that I have allowed follow me in the last 2.5 years. I also follow over 1000 people and it is impossible to manage this growing list.

This is also a safety issue. If I suspect that someone is following me and I don’t want them to, I can’t confirm this easily as they may not appear among the 100 or so Zwifters that I can see. If their profile is set to private I won’t be able check their profile to see who they follow.

Additionally, the list of followers or those that you are following is in a random order. Makes it impossible to find someone easily. Should be alphabetical or offer a choice for sorting.

(C) #2

Did you get any response to this Jason?
My problem is that the ZC app doesn’t show me ALL of the people I follow… only maybe 50 to 75% of them… and I’m sure there are people I no longer need to folllow, but because I can’t see them on my “you’re following” list, I can’t remove them.

(Stephan) #3

I would like to have the ability to control the list order as well. This list gets unmanageable. If nothing else the first person you follow should be first not last on the list. Otherwise I bury the person at the bottom that got me into Zwift

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