Suddenly can't follow other Zwifters

Since late last week I haven’t been able to follow anyone using the companion app or the ride review screen when finishing and saving a ride. I use the current version of the companion app on my Android (Galaxy S9) phone.

I often have several people per day wanting to follow me and I like to follow them back. Could this be a bug or is there a maximum number of people you can follow?

Me too!!! Frustrating :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I’ve tried to contact Zwift Support and sent 2 emails…they are yet to reply.


Zwift has put a limit on the number of people you can follow at 5.000.
Do you follow that many?
Thers is another thread about it.

Thanks Ole
Yeah I’m following too many :joy:
Must be the reason

Thanks @Ole_Jensen. I am following nearly 5500 and have nearly 3000 following me. That has accumulated since December 2015 so there are many that I could stop following if Zwift provided the tools to easily audit following and follower lists.

@Eric can you please assist as there are many Zwifters who have cultivated large following and follower lists over many years. Given the number of Zwifters I interact with each week I think 5000 is actually far too low, but if that is what you have decided the limit must be then at least make it easy to curate lists that have value and are populated with active and supportive Zwifters.

I spend (well you can see my stats if you want to look) many hours and hundreds of kilometres in group rides each week where I help new Zwifters by leading, sweeping or just providing advice on using the platform. I’m happy to do it because I enjoy it and the ability to train safely and conveniently has literally been life changing. All this time helping others generates lots of requests to follow me and I like to follow back. I also like to show support for those that I chat to during rides and one way to do that is by giving out Ride Ons as often as I can. The easiest way to do this is for me to follow those people, hence the nearly 5500 people that I am currently following.

Again, if you must have a limit of 5000 please provide the tools to help manage that list. Let me see who has never given me a Ride On so I can decide whether I still want to follow them. Let me see who hasn’t been active for a long time so I can decide whether I still want to follow them. Let me see who never followed me back………… you get the idea. And let me sort and search my lists alphabetically and by follow date so I can find people easily. I have posted a number of times about this on the forum, but to no avail. Can’t even get a comment from a Zwift employee.

This is a social platform and I try very hard to make the most of that. Is such a shame to be throttled when all I want to do is have fun and help others.


It’s time for this anti-social block to end. Zwift is supposed to be a social program so this goes against the very reason Zwift exists. There’s about 50 new followers I would like to follow back.

There’s enough stress in the world already; Zwift is supposed to be a release from that and now it’s just adding to it. I’m more stressed.

We need this to go back to NORMAL! ASAP!


Agreed. There are already people following over 10,000 Zwifters, so why should we be less able to show our support for others? Will Zwift randomly cull their following lists to bring them back below the new limit of 5,000?

The silence is deafening!

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Bumping this BUG !!! This broken feature is still NOT FIXED today nor have we had any response telling us when it will be fixed.

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Zwift capped it at 5,000 and you are over that threshold that is why you cannot follow any more Zwifters.


I don’t necessarily object to the 5000 limit, although that is only an average of about 3.3 follows per day since I started on Zwift. Easy to do when you ride with so many different people.

My frustration comes from the lack of any tools to be able to manage following and follower lists. That would at least allow me to make informed choices about who I cull to be able to follow new people.

Like so many things with Zwift HQ. They seem to do things half-arsed and without thought for the user experience. I cite the inability to review route badges BEFORE riding as another. It’s not hard!

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Is Zwift working on code that will enable to manage our followers in an easy manner. Currently we can see who we follow but there’s no easy way to tell if they follow us back. (Open their list - look for my name - if they have many … too cumbersome & slow).

It’s very frustrating - I currently have about 50 new followers that I can’t be social with …

Ideally, the management tool should be web-based. Please let us know what is being done and considered.