"Following" Other Riders on your news feed

So I notice the new mobile app allows us to “follow” other riders (social media style, not literally follow around the island). And I see how you can click on someone riding at that time through mobile app and hit “follow” and they will appear in your ‘news feed’.


My question is, how can I search for other riders that may not be riding at that current time. I have friends that I want to follow their timeline, but without coordinating to find them when they are riding, I can’t click on the to follow.


Does any of my rambling make sense? 

It would be really nice if we could search for riders and follow them even when they’re not signed into Zwift.

This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about as well. I live in Oz now but my old club mates in the UK are getting heavily in to Zwift for their winter training.  I’d like to add them to my followers list to keep track and also help with organising global club runs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely! The ability to search and find your friends is coming. 

Sweet! :grinning: #RideOn


Looking forward to this! Have pals all over the place

Zwift game masters: can you give us an ETA?  

The recent upgrade seems to have dropped the people I was following. :frowning:

Zwift said "Absolutely! The ability to search and find your friends is coming. " back in November.  Any progress ?

Any updates?

When will this be coming? 2025?

In Strava it’s a standard feature. Thus I’m wondering, why it wasn’t implemented right from the beginning.


Any word on when this might happen? There are a few people I’d like to follow, so I know if they’re riding. However, I haven’t yet been near them in world (that I know of).

This would be awesome!

Any word on this ??

Just in case you missed the announcement yesterday, the latest version of Zwift Mobile Link with rider search is now available for download. #SearchOn