Find riders when just watching

Watch/ follow a rider is a great feature. Problem is you can only follow riders that appear in the list of riders within close proximity when you login. Should be a way that you can search for any rider online and start following them. Otherwise it’s about impossible to follow someone unless you both start at the same time.

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yes, that would be nice!

trying to find friends- great idea

I agree. There needs to be a way to find riders when they are not active. 

Would be Nice also to find your boddy to ride with within the list.



If a rider gave a “Ride on”, there should be a way to go to that rider’s profile and have the option to “Follow”.

Yes, it doesn’t give you the option to find a rider that you follow unless they are near to you, which diminishes the usefulness of the “just watch” feature.  Please add the ability to view any rider that you follow.  

I wondered if there were any plans to have this implemented? It would be good to be able to watch friends rather than trying (and normally failing!) to find them on the rider list on the right hand side.

Need to be able to search for a rider and follow them. It is impossible to find friends and see them ride

Another “yes”.

And another YES… my group of three got broken up tonight with one wrong turn and there was no way to find the lost rider. We all had the same options so why she went left when we went right doesn’t make sense…

Another vote for this. It would be really useful when riding with friends elsewhere in the world.

Absolutely. Trying to find and watch three friends I know are racing tonight. Impossible. Instead it congratulates me on watching some random man called Doug. I’m sure he’s great but not the same as supporting my friends


Still no action this. I saw via the mobile app that one of my friends was riding. Great, I’ll fire up Zwift and watch them. Problem of course is how do I find them? I clicked up and down the right hand rider list for a few minutes but never found them. Should be an easy way to search / select your friends to watch.

This is a great idea!

I can see Riders I follow in the app, even give them a Ride On.  And I can fan view them when I’m riding with them.  But I can’t fan view them when just watching unless I’m lucky enough that my Avatar lands in the right segment.

If it’s a rider you follow, they should show regardless of what part of the track they are on.  And the main application should have a search feature both when trying to find a rider to ride with and on the right when riding.  At the very least, give us a rider tab that only have riders we follow regardless of position.  After all, Zwift is supposed to be making indoor training more social right? 

+1, please implement :slight_smile:

+1 Please add this feature. My son and I Zwift but we only have one trainer. I like to follow him while I’m on the treadmill and help encourage him.

    1. This is the main reason I joined, and I can’t follow who I want.

I would also like to know if this search function is going to be added