Search Rider While Spectating

It would be nice to have a search rider function while spectating so you don’t have to click through the rider list. Now that there are a variety of routes, one can only click through riders on a given route. To find someone (specific or otherwise) on the mountain route, you need to click and find someone heading towards Ocean Blvd, and then again to the mountain route. It’s a bit wonky.

This is not an urgently needed feature and one could argue that one should be riding vs. spectating, however I do watch friends from time to time when I cannot ride myself and it can be tricky to find them out on the island. 

On an aside, this could be a handy feature for coaches or if there is a vision to have spectators watch Zwift races in the future. 

Finally, I just need to say how fantastic Zwift has been. I’ve been on since last February when in Beta, and it’s just great. The development has been remarkable and this recent mountain route is truly a work of art. Kudos to you all and thank you for this great platform!

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Hi there, 

I know exactly where you coming from and it’s something we are looking into, but the thing is, most people nowadays have a smart phone and this feature is easily accessible through the Mobil Link App

If you have the App you can pair your phone with Zwift (using same Wi-Fi router as your PC) and go to Search, find the person you want to watch and click FAN VIEW. Or if you are following the person already (meaning you are friends on Zwift) you can go to Profile -> Following -> Riding now -> and tap on his name and FAN VIEW

Do you have a smart phone or a tablet you can use? 


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the quick response. I do have the Mobile Link app, but unfortunately it has not connected to my MacBook Pro in a couple of months after working flawlessly when it first launched. It seemed to be an issue after I upgraded my 5S to iOS v9.2.1. Any known issues there? Do you think a ticket is in order?

iOS v.9.3 dropped yesterday, but I have not yet run the update. 

If the Mobile Link app Search and Fan View is the way to go, then I’m all for it. Just need to get reconnected.

Thanks again!


Funny enough, I’ve got exactly same setup as you - iPhone 5S and MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) and it works fine. I haven’t upgraded to iOS v9.2.1. yet so not sure if that will make any difference but we have no reported issues at the moment. Is your Zwift App and everything else up to date? Are you using the same Wi-Fi router? 

Why should PC users suffer just because it’s on mobile link? Put the features on the PC platform as well.

Is this feature believed to be working currently? I just tried the sequence suggested by TomH (iPhone SE for the mobile link app and iPad Air for Zwift, both on iOS 10.2) and while the options in the link app change depending on whether Zwift is at the account selection screen (I can only send Ride On) or in “Just Watch” (I can text, ride on or fan view), the view has yet to change in response to pressing ‘Fan view’.