Rider search in watch mode

Hi don’t know if it’s been mentioned already but when I receive a notification to say a friend is riding or I know a friend is racing it would be useful to be able to search for that particular rider instead of scrolling through the names of riders near me. Thanks Wayne

Thanks for the suggestion W P! Have you tried searching for them in the Zwift Companion app? Or would you rather have a search function inside the Zwift app while you’re riding?

Hi, yes I mean whilst riding. When you tap the screen and the blue control bar shows. A search rider option would be useful. I’ve tried searching through the companion app but this is too messy and not useful if using zwift through android app.
Thanks Wayne.

Fair enough, thanks for sharing!

Hi Vincent. Maybe I am missing something but I want to look for an individual rider when I log onto zwift. It would save a lot of time to scan for him without searching through thousands of names that are currently sifting. Is anything like this currently available that I don’t know about? Cheers Dr Gummibear

Sorry I meant to search for him, by typing I his name in search engine mode, without having to scan through the giant list of riders currently zwifting.