Rider Search in Mobile App

Please allow us to search for a rider by name in the Mobile app. Having to scroll through 400+ names looking for an individual just kills the ability to follow riders you are looking for.

Also, it would be nice if your name stayed in the center of the screen. With all of the flip flopping around of names, you have to keep scrolling around if you want to find where you are and the riders around you.

We’re working on some better ways to search and find riders in the app.

Steve - if you’re using the iOS app, you can double-tap anywhere in that list to auto-center your own name in the list.

Hope your work progresses fast so we can use the feature soon.

We need this feature.   For some of us with friends around the world on Zwift, being able to ride together is the primary value here.   Search is not a complex thing to add to a mobile./web app.   Without it, things get worse as the numbers of riders in the lists become too much to scroll/search.