Mobile Link - center own rider in Zwifters Nearby list

In a pack (such as a group ride) of many nearby riders, it can take some scrolling up and down to find myself in the “Zwifters Nearby” screen on the Mobile Link app. That, in turn, makes it more difficult to find a specific rider when my primary point of reference is whether they’re far ahead, far behind, or very near by me.

Perhaps some function could be added to the Mobile Link to make it quick and easy to get myself in the center of the list. Two possibilities come to mind. First, some key press (two finger tap or something, or an on screen button to press). Second, an auto return to center after some period of time (say, five seconds of no activity).

I’ve been prompted to write by a recommendation from Christoph earlier today as one of his recommendations in a post at , as follows:

"In the Zwift [mobile] app on the nearby rider’s list, I would love to have a “center own rider” button to focus my own name.

Normally I would want to get in contact with rider’s close to me, but with a full list, you would have to scroll through one hundred riders or so, just to find out, you scrolled in the wrong direction… :frowning:

It could also be possible, to center the list automatically, every time it is selected or you return from another page such as a rider’s profile."


Next time, try double tapping the list header. The list will refocus on you.

Thank you!


This remains an open request: to make it quick and easy to get myself in the center of the list.

I’ve tried double tapping the list header, during my last three Zwift rides. The response I’ve gotten in Mobile Link is that the list moves to the top rider in the list. 

What we’re looking for is a way to press a button to scroll the list so that my listing is in the middle of the screen and the four riders ahead and behind me are on the screen.

Eric knows his way around Zwift – so if I’m doing something wrong, please advise what the difference is between the double tapping that gets the list to focus on the top of the list and the action that would get the list to refocus on me.

If you double click on the highlighted area, your name in the list will be centered like this: 


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Eric - thank you for the follow up, and especially the graphic. On my own it might have been a long time before I discovered that. I’ve tried tapping the top of the screen, where it says “ZWIFTERS NEARBY.”

So I practiced on the ride this evening and saw that tapping on the “ALL ZWIFTERS” rectangle on the left does focus the list to put me in the middle and the closest riders around me directly above and below on the iOS screen. Now I’m ready for the next group ride.

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Glad you got it working!