Companion Zwifters List

When using the Companion app (Android 11th Jan 2020) 8 generally use it to give “Ride ons” because this is a bit too fiddly on IPad screen.

It would be really helpful if the Zwifters screen kept me in the centre of the screen since I generally give “Ride ons” to other Zwifters a few places ahead or behind me.

The Zwifters list doesn’t seem to work like that and I seem to randomly work my way off the top or bottom of the visible bit of the list.

When I’m doing an activity I don’t want to have to faff about trying to find myself in the list so I can see the Zwifters I want to send a “Ride on” to.

Maybe there is an option I’m not aware of for “Put me randomly in the list” or “Put me in the middle of the screen” but I’ve not seen it.

Is this a possible enhancement?

I have submitted this same request previously, and only recently learned that if you double-tap on the ‘Zwifters Near Me’ header the ZC app will recenter in your name. This works for iOS, at least, but I would guess the same to be true on Android.


Great, I’ll give that a go next time I Zwift.

Do you have to keep re-centring or does it stay there once double clicked?

On Android the left icon on the top right group returns to your entry.