Keep me 'static' in Riders Nearby list on Companion

Don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it very frustrating when I’m looking at the riders nearby list (on Companion) and it is constantly shifting around and I have to keep scrolling up and down to find where I am so I can see those nearby.
Having to scroll up and down seems to be a poor user experience.
Would it be possible to ‘fix’ my position in the list view i.e. central.
All other riders move above, or below, me as overtakes happen, but I am consistently sitting in the middle location on the list.
This doesn’t fix my position on the ride, just how I am shown on the rider list.
Much easier to interact i.e. ride-on, those around me.
Hope that makes sense.
First posting on the forum so apologies if this has already been covered or if there is a solution (couldn’t find an answer) - if so, feel free to provide me the link :slight_smile:

What you are describing is how it works for me.

The only time I move from the middle of the list is if at a junction on the course.

Thanks Paul.
Maybe there is a setting I haven’t applied?
Mine jumps around like crazy when packed in a group on an event, so frustrating.
I’m using Android … same for you or are you iOS?
Appreciate the reply

I’m on iOS, I don’t remember changing any relevant settings, but it might be worth a look.

After your initial reply I had a look at the settings, but nothing obvious.
Maybe it’s an Android issue?
Hopefully someone else might reply that is using it on Android too.
Thanks again

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I’m on android, and my position on the list is constantly bouncing outside the viewable area. I frequently don’t know whether I need to scroll up or down to find myself in the list. It can be frustrating. This is a great suggestion. You get my vote.


I’m on Android Trevor, and suffer exactly the same scenario as you. Only way i’ve found to centre my name is to tap on the little arrow type icon at the top of the screen, but it doesn’t stay there for long. I get fed up scrolling up and down to find my name and a second later it shoots off the screen. A fixed central position would be much more preferable and make the “Zwifters” screen more enjoyable.

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I use the companion on iOS and what you’re describing is exactly the same as what I experience. And I agree with you it is a frustrating user experience.

+1 from me!


Thanks Aaron, Gary and Jason for your feedback … feel slightly better that I’m not alone with this.
Let’s hope the Zwift guys pick this up and look into it
#fingerscrossed :slight_smile:

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I would echo the same sentiments as the other users, even on the PC platform I bounce around a lot. It also makes it very difficult in a training program, to respond to a ‘thumbs up’ from another rider because 1) the thumbs up for the other rider doesn’t stay up for very long and 2) that user is bouncing around a lot too.

In fact it’s tough to give anyone a thumbs up, especially in the most population worlds because users are bouncing around so much from to many users and people getting passed.

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I’m iOS and feel exactly the same way you do, it’s very frustrating.

Thanks James

I use the latest version of Companion app on my iPhone (Windows based laptop runs latest version Zwift). In the Companion app in the Zwifters (riders list) tab scroll your name to the middle of screen and double tap on your name and it will stay static in that position. I’m not certain if this approach also works in the rider list (right side of the screen) in the Zwift program, but this keeps your name from bouncing around in the list in Companion app.
Good luck!

Thanks for the tip Rafik :+1:
Will definitely try that out when I use companion on my next ride.
Lets’ hope it works and isn’t just a feature on iOS :crossed_fingers:

my experience is, that normally I sit in the middle of the list static when i start riding. After scrolling the list once, the bouncing starts. What i found out by playing around is that I get it back to been shown static in the middle again by double tapping the upper left grey header bar (named ALL ZWIFTERS). I am on an iPhone 8, latest iOS.

Hope that helps!

Hi Sven,
Appreciate the reply and advice. Tried it today but unfortunately the method you suggested didn’t work for me. However, it did lead me to spotting something that was a solution (to some degree) … without your suggestion i wouldn’t have found it, so thanks again.

So what was I able to find?
Please remember I am using Android so I don’t know if it looks the same in iOS.
So, once on a ride, click on the ‘Zwifters’ tab. At the top, in the grey (like Sven mentioned) there are 3 grey icons - there is an icon which looks a bit like a map icon you see on google (sort of teardrop shape).
If you click on this, it automatically places you in the centre of the riders list and seems to hold it there as the riders move around you (collective cheer!!!) :partying_face::partying_face:
However, there is a “but” :weary: … should you then click on a rider nearby, to give a ride-on, the moment you go back to the riders feed you start bouncing around again.
Simply push the grey icon at the top again and you centre once more.
Anyway, hope that helps.
And thanks again Sven for pointing me in the right direction :+1:

Glad I could help! Ride on!

I use ZCA on iOS, And I find a double tap anywhere on the zwifters screen centers me in the list. Nothing else required; just a double tap.

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It does just appear to be after you tap to see another rider’s details and give them a ride on. Otherwise my name stays in the middle of the list quite happily (Android). If it is not there, the “teardrop” icon brings it back to the middle.