Companion app - Always in in middle on "Zwifters" tab

(Simon Anthes) #1

I’ve often thought when on the “Zwifters” tab in the companion app that “I wish my name would just bounce back to the middle of the screen after a few seconds of no activity”
It’s sometimes quite difficult to find ones self again if you’ve been scrolling through a list of riders nearby.

(Steve Wreschnig WBR) #2

On the Zwifters tab you tap the icon on top that’s second from the right and it recenters you (at least it gets you on the page your viewing)

(Simon Anthes) #3

Thanks, although I’m not sure which icon you mean - I’ll have a look next time I Zwift :slight_smile:

(Simon Anthes) #4

I’m talking about the companian app whilst Zwifting - I don’t see an icon second from right - can you take a screen shot and show me what you mean?

(Steve Wreschnig WBR) #5

Here it’s the third from the right. I don’t usually have Bluetooth on. It’s the Google-type location icon

(Simon Anthes) #6

Thanks - of course the icon isn’t there in the iOS app :-/
Thanks for your help all the same

(Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]) #7

In the iOS Companion App you can tap on the text ‘Zwifters nearby’ for the same effect.

(Simon Anthes) #8

Ok, I’ll give it a try.