Zwifters screen in companion app usability

Maybe an enhancement request but when you go into the zwifters screen in the companion app would it be possible to anchor me in the middle of the screen? Currently when you go in the screen and whenever it refreshes i have to scroll up or down hunting for my entry to see who is the guy who just overtook me so i can give them a “ride on”…it happens a lot, me getting overtaken!

With some of the busy new routes the zwifters page is almost unusable as the list scroll is so long

If I were to be anchored in the middle upon refresh it would be much more user friendly

I have not used this feature for a while now but, if I recall correctly, you can double-tap at the top of the Zwifters Nearby screen to get yourself back to the middle of the screen.


Double tap the ‘Zwifters nearby’ rectangle in the top left - should re-centre you (certainly does on iOS).

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Thanks for replies, as it happens i was switching from Android to iPhone this morning and find that this works perfectly on iOS :grinning:, may be motivation to adopt the iPhone as my main phone!..