Inconsistent Zwifters Nearby on Companion App on iPhone

Zwiftwers nearby on the main app is always centred around me.
However, the companion app, seems to skip and jump all over the place, always need to scroll up and down to find myself so I can interact with riders near myself.
Is there any way to have the Zwifters Nearby table, on companion app, centred around me?

Using iPhone X on iOS 13.6 Companion App latest version 3.16.0
I tried tapping my name in the list and/or tapping “Zwifters” button on the bottom toolbar, but it doesn’t help

Double tap on the screen, and it will center on you.

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That works.
Not very intuitive, but good to know.

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“Intuitive” is not an adjective that applies very often to anything developed by Zwift.

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To my logic, tapping the “Zwifters” button on the toolbar, should put my entry in the middle of the screen.
Tapping another user’s entry twice doesn’t make sense. It would make more sense that this gesture would make the main game screen “watch” that other user.