iOS Companion app question

In the Companion app on iOS, the Zwifter’s Nearby list normally keeps your name centered vertically in the list. However, if you scroll to find someone then it seems impossible to return to the state where you are automatically centered. Instead you are scrolled off the screen.

Does anyone know of a way to re-engage the centering? Right now I have to kill the app and restart it.

We just had a thread about this very issue:

It seems that on iOS, if you double tap the screen you will get centered.

Double tap the heading “Riders nearby” (or whatever the text for the left heading in that screen is).

The double tap does seem to work right now at my desk but I’m sure I tried this previously. Maybe it doesn’t work correctly when actually doing a workout.

Anyway, thank for the pointer to the previous thread in Feature Requests. I’ll read though it.