Keep me in center of “zwifters nearby” screen on companion app

I like to ride with the Zwifters Nearby screen on the companion app so that I can give ride ons to those around me, particularly on climbs - as I pass them or they pass me.

Frequently as the list updates I get lost and can’t find the people.

Changing the functionality so my name was always on the screen would be helpful. Making the scrolling behavior so you can scroll the list of people ahead of me independently of the list of people behind me would also be cool. Again, with my name in the middle and fixed.

Finally - being able to give ride ons from this screen versus having to go into their individual screens would also be helpful.

If you click the locate me pin at the top right next to the BT symbol that will re-locate back to you.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Actually, I don’t see this in the companion apps. This is what I see, there is I locate me on this screen

And here when it has lost me

Yeah the thing Richard showed will find you on the map view, not on the rider list.

It is often hard to give ride one during an event to riders in your pack if you can’t find where you are. You can scroll up and down to try and find yourself but that is annoying

edit: I was wrong! sorry, Rich is correct

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Tap or Double Tap on the “Zwifters Nearby” rectangle.


Tried that, don’t think it works. Will try again when next on.

I was on the Zwifters tab. Maybe we are looking at iPhone/Pad compared to Android.

Definitely a difference between the various apps.

Anyway confirmed that the double tap on zwifters nearby that @1506 recommended works. Tried it today whilst riding and works a treat.

Thanks @1506!

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