Riders Nearby Displaying Incorrectly in Events [June 2023]

On Mac OS. Today during BMTR group ride, my name was always at the top of the riders nearby list. Meaning I couldn’t see the w/kg or the distance of any riders in front of me, I could only see those behind me. When the event ended, the riders nearby list was restored to its normal display and function, showing riders both ahead and behind me.

I’ve been seeing the same and I think it’s been reported before. I’m using macOS

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You can scroll the list, either use the scroll wheel on a mouse or click and drag the list

exactly as the others describe I’ve been seeing name at the top but you can then scroll the list. not right i think zwift are aware

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Happens on Windows too, eventually my name moves to the top of the list. I know I can scroll, but it used to stay at the center until recently.


Thanks for letting us know which OS you’re using. I’ve flagged it up to the team.

I noticed this last night on Stage 1: Zwift Ride Series too.

My name was always at the top of the nearby rider list and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t scroll up to see any riders ahead of me (I didn’t rigorously test the scrolling so I may be mistaken about that).

Operating system was iOS (using an iPad)

Seeing this on Win10 also. At one point today my name wasn’t visible on the rider list at all. I switched away to fan view another rider, switched back to myself and it seemed fixed.

I saw the same thing today in a race on Android version. This is new (but I have not raced in 3 weeks so not sure how new).

It bugged me at first in our chase group because I did not see the guy who went for solo breakaway but then I tried to use it to break the chase pack and it was a huge advantage. I was even thinking if this is not meant as a feature to motivate people to ride at front? :joy:

We know about this & think we have a fix for 1.43 (next update but one).

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On a group ride this evening, I was pinned to the top of the rider list (one on the right hand side), so I could only see the riders behind, not those in front of me in my group. Anyone else have this issue???

After several updates, this still doesn’t seem to be fixed…pretty annoying during a race…


Still having this problem, and not just in events.

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I love zwift, I love most things about it but this one is getting super frustrating.

Scenario: Hard race, down to 2 of us, and he’s repeat sprinting trying to drop me and I can’t see his power, only his avatar… I didn’t have an instantaneous power field on sauce, but I shouldn’t need to!

Also, trying to roll turns in a breakaway and can’t see the guy on fronts power to know when to roll through!!


Still not fixed but hey, it’s Zwift…

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Nope, not fixed in 1.43. In 1.42 I’d usually end up stuck at the top of the list but now it’s back to just not being visible on the list at all.

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Hey mate, for that part of the bug if I briefly click anyone on the list once the race starts and then click ‘back to me’ I can see my own data. But then it keeps me on top even when people are ahead :confused:

Still seeing this consistently in races, but not group rides or free rides. MacOS. I will blame this issue for getting dropped in my race today :joy:

Having an issue on Windows
Where leaderboard on right does not show riders ahead noticed this while cruising tempus (my name would be pinned to the top and would not show riders ahead even if i attempted to scroll even if they visible on map)

Here is an example from today in an event.


@James_Barnes I get the same thing happen on Mac.

However, if I click on another rider’s name in the list and then click “back to me” it repositions my name to the middle and seems to work.