Riders Nearby list

Does anyone else think the broadcast “Positions” list is clearer than Riders Nearby? They do slightly different jobs, sure, but I find the broadcast one much clearer to read.

Partly because it’s less cluttered, not including the distance someone has ridden, or whether they have Companion linked, but also the information on it is much more readable. It’s less of a big grey blob, because the contrast between the background and the text is much better.

Overall, I’d prefer to have the “Positions” version in game. Obviously without the actual positions.

You’re looking for opinions, so…

Overall, this is a really nice mockup, and I like the idea and the initiative. But in terms of constructive feedback…

A lot of benefit comes from the increase in opacity, but I think it’s a bit too opaque, so I’d split the difference. YMMV.

I personally don’t need/want the numeric position. And how much more space would be required to display a three- or four-digit position, which wouldn’t be uncommon in big events? And what would you show in free rides etc where position isn’t relevant?

I really like having riders’ distance shown. Much more than numeric position. I’d miss it.

You’re taking away riders’ ability to use the subtlety of mixed-case in their names. I bet that’d irk some riders.

The added spacing is nice, but it makes the overall list take up more screen real estate. I have no complaint with that, and the slightly larger font and flag do help. But to do it, you essentially removed the minimap. I bet that’d turn a lot of people off.

I don’t think it needs a big red header. I think that would draw the eye a little too much. Maybe smaller and a shade of grey?

But I like this proposal to update the sidebar, and it’s cool seeing ideas like this kicked around. Thank you for posting!

It’s not a mockup, it’s taken from a GCN video. It’s what Zwift use for their broadcast streams.

Here’s another example from a recent Zwift Grand Prix race:

It’s hard to gauge it from a static image, but when the scenery is moving in the background it looks OK to me. Here’s another view from the same event, but this one has lighter scenery in the background:

It looks more translucent there. Reducing the opacity too much would definitely hurt readability.

No, that’s why I said “Obviously without the actual positions”. =)

No, I’m not. Again, it’s Zwift’s UI. I agree rider names should be mixed case, as all caps is harder to read. I recently made a post on exactly this:

No, that’s just for the GCN broadcast. Normally it’s white.

That would make a great page on the companion app.

Unless I can have the option to customize the HUD and turn that list off then I’d prefer the grey blob as it doesn’t stand out as much.

Gee! I see this is a significant different app for some people. I get those lists. They only show me even if I have a meetup and that person is there also.