Filter riders list in event by category

In races riders most often are competing for a victory in their category and not too worried about what’s going on in the other categories. I find that, especially at the starting sprints of races, riders from every category are scattered in the “riders nearby” list and it is difficult to determine what your current position is. It would be great to be able to filter the “riders nearby” list to riders in specific categories. An alternative to filtering the list would be an option to toggle the current position (nth/nth) to show your position in relation to other riders in your category.

I second Ivan’s enhancement. I just started racing and the way the current position works does me no good. I don’t care much about my position overall (all the categories). I want to know where I stand in my category. The current way is great for the A rider but not for any other category rider!!


I agree with Ivan’s enhancement. It’s easy for anyone to get lost in a race with over 300 riders.

I’ve posted several times regarding this issue.

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Agree! A workaround, if your setup allows, is a second screen with the event open in ZwiftPower. The live telemetry here is great for knowing true position, time gaps as well as w/kg being put out, who is maxing hr etc.


Bump this up!

I do not need to see people in A/B/C right now, only show me D :slight_smile: . The first race i did, a huge group came up and past me and i am like “AHHH man!! now i got to make up for that !” then realize it was people from higher groups who are lapping me…

If i join under D, I only want to see D, so i can see how far ahead other D’s are and such. Clear the noise!