Check my position versus others is my category?

It’s been a year since I’ve used zwift, and I really want to ride again.

Yesterday I saw a race “Crit City Race” where all categories have different start times. For example, “C” starts a minute after “B” and 2 minutes after “A”.

Assuming there are 30 riders in “C” and 200 in total, did zwift add the functionality of seeing my position against the rest of the C riders?

For example, instead of zwift saying that I’m in position #55 of 200 (the total riders) it would say I’m #2 of 30 (riders in C).

Hi @Man_With_A_Plan

You can probably see all of that in

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That’s what zwift said a year ago, but I remember that I wasn’t in the list or the list never displayed time.
In other words, it wasn’t working correctly.

Did you see this option in the results? You should be able to switch between categories.


Hi @Man_With_A_Plan,
This is roughly how it works:

Last week I entered a “C” race on Zwift and the race started 2 minutes after the “A” class and 1 minute after “B”.

  • I was given “live race standings” relating only to the C race, and I pushed hard to cross the line (a very proud) 3rd.
  • As I crossed the line I was told I was actually only 65ish in a race which apparently also included the As and Bs. I didn’t realise I could filter the way Gerrie describes.
  • I then went on ZwiftPower and was told I was 1st.

One race - three results.

  • Not everyone is on Zwift power
  • ZP will filter people in the incorrect pen and various rules that the organizer applied.

Thanks Gerrie - I know how ZP works - I’m just detailing all the sets of results that exist!
I’m also quite proud of that 3rd place and the ZP win! :wink: I had a plan I put in place, I kept my cool and stuck to the plan, and it was a race with very few people out of category so I did better than I expected.

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Is this available in every race? I remember that this would only work with specific types of races.

Is what available in every race? As far as I’ve noticed, what I mentioned above seems to happen in each race I’ve been in.

Why don’t I see myself in the list? I’m riding as “C” in the 3R Volcano Circuit.

I can see my rider in the zwift app, but I don’t see him here. How come?
Here’s a link (I replaced the ‘.’ with ‘_’) since zwift doesn’t let me include media or links:


What list? Are you referring to Zwiftpower?

Yes. Here’s a screenshot (I replaced the "." with “_” in the link):


The site doesn’t let me upload images or links.

I don’t know why your result is not in Zwift power.

did you sign up for zwiftpower?

What is your Zwift / Zwiftpower username?

Do I need to register to zwiftpower to see my user in the list? I thought that being part of zwift was enough.

I rode yesterday’s race with username is Van_Jones

Yes you do - Zwiftpower has only just been acquired by Zwift so it still works the same as when it was independent (you have to register and link your account etc). Once registered, your activities and events will be recorded there too (not backdated).

Isn’t this your Zwiftpower profile?

I think thats an old user account he had - CA shows last used Jan 2020 or something when I checked.

EDIT: how did you search ZP @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ - user search is still broken for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Super power. :sunglasses::rofl:

ZP search :mag: work for me.

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